Fumin’ Mad

This is just one of the 36 proposed warning labels proposed by the FDA.

If you are an avid smoker, you’re going to want to pay attention to this.  The Food and Drug Administation, or FDA, has proposed a half-package long image of rather questionable warning about smoking cigarettes. The key is, they don’t sugarcoat it. They tell you point blank what smoking a cigarettes does or can do.

For example, they show a picture of an infant inhaling cigarette smoke by a young mother and below the image it reads, “Tobacco smoke can harm your children.” If we learned something, it’s this: SECONDHAND SMOKE AND BABIES DON’T MIX! Another image contains a picture of a dead body and below it, the caption says “Smoking can kill you.”  The amazing and graphic images alone are enough to scare you shitless.

There are more and more establishments where you can’t light up a smoke. Hospitals, health care clinics, restaurants, and bars are just a few places smoking is prohibited. The Big Y, for example, also prohibits smoking within  50 yards (or 150 feet) of its stores in all locations, including the West Hartford and Branford locations, former Waldbaums and A&P stores respectively. It’s clear that it is only matter of time until the other chain supermarkets follow suit. The point is this: smoking a cigarette has turned from a pleasuring experience into a health-constricting nuisance.

Here is Denis Leary on Smoking (fast forward to 5:20)


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