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Fabio on Weather

Seriously, you can’t make this stuff up.

After challenging the old Old Spice Guy, Mustafa, to a duel, Fabio landed on KOIN-TV Portland, Oregon as a meteorologist. To answer one anchor’s question of is there anything Fabio can’t do: no.  I ain’t ever seen Mustafa (that’s the old Old Spice guy) do that.

Amy Winehouse (1983-2011)

Amy Winehouse has been found dead Saturday afternoon at 3:54 p.m. London time at just 27 years old. Though her cause of death is yet to be determined, she struggled part of her to stay sober, including saying “no, no, no” to rehab.

With her untimely death at age 27, she joins the “27 Club” with the likes of Jim Morrison (1970), Janis Joplin (1970) , Jimi Hendrix (1971), and Kurt Cobain (1994) who also died at age 27.


The I-405 freeway in Southern California officially shut down temporarily Friday night.

Here’s  a reason not to visit the Los Angeles area (or California, for that matter) this weekend.

One of the busiest freeways in the country, I-405 through the Los Angeles area, was shut down due to a widening project, thus creating the well-hyped “Carmageddon.”  The project may include the demolition of the Mullholland Bridge. Residents have been told to stay home or seek public transportation, and if they must drive, seek alternate routes.

But why did they pick this weekend to close that section of I-405? They could have picked, as Jay Leno joked in his monologue, “Thanksgiving and Christmas so our relatives can’t get to us.”

There will be no shortage of “Ha-ha! I survived Carmageddon, bitches!” T-shirts come Monday morning.

A Tale of Two Californias

Whaaaaaaaat?????? No one saw this one coming. California is destined to the splitting of the state to make South California the 51st state.

No joke. There are two Virginias, two Carolinas, and two Dakotas. And now, two Californias. It is all thanks to Bill Maze, a termed-out Assembly member turned rebel, who wants to separate the liberals on the coast from the conservatives inland.

AFAIK, that’s an a-Maze-ingly dumb idea, but I live in Connecticut, NOT California.

Santa on a Pepsi Ad???

You not going to believe who Pepsi stole from the Coca-Cola family.

It’s Santa. Yes, the bearded icon that’s been with Coca-Cola for many decades has made his way into a recent Pepsi ad.  Call it what you will, but the cola wars, which started with the Pepsi Challenge in the late 1970s, will not die. And if Pepsi hadn’t stooped low enough, they stole the polar bears from Coke, too (see video below).

Well, if Summer time is Pepsi time, as this ad claims, then the rest of the year belongs to Coke, right?

Star-Spangled Dinner

Keeping America fat — one state at a time.

Denny’s introduced the Tour of America menu later last month and no state is overlooked — or under-eaten. The menu includes the Hawaiian Tropical Pancakes, the Midwestern Meat and Potatoes Sandwich, and the Philly Cheesesteak Omeletes. Now you KNOW America is getting fatter by the second.

That is one cross-country family reunion I’d never forget.

Well, my Aunt Virginia is coming in from California with her famous New York Cheesecake to the table. My cousins Carolina and Dakota will bring their Chicago-Style Pizza the size of Texas. Miami Mickey started eying the Philly Chessesteak sandwiches between Southern barbecued chicken and  the Boston baked beans.