Monthly Archives: August 2011

Going “Souht”

Yes, there is yet another misspelling on a highway chyron sign that I must share with you. This time, it happens to be in Ohio in which the sign spells South S-O-U-H-T. Aaugh!! Haven’t we learned our lesson in say, North Carolina (or was it “Souht” Carolina)? I know I need to stop smoking the reefer, but this is ridiculous! [no picture available at this time]

Well, at least they spelled “Cincinnati” right, right? Spelling that freakin’ city’s name is a pain in the ass.

Scary Logos Review

Some of us are afraid of something to a certain extent, and that’s understandable. But afraid of a logo? Hey, it can happen.  All y’all have watched the ending credits of your favorite shows, and this showed up. And by “this”, I mean the producing company’s logo. Some of them, I must warn you, are downright scary. I am going to review my reaction to the company’s logos below.

Screen Gems — “S from Hell” (1965):  Before the “S from Hell” logo was introduced in 1965, Screen Gems adopted the “Dancing Sticks” endcap from 1962 to 1965.  The two dark parallelograms zoom in from opposite ends of the screen to circle around a dot, forming an S on a bright yellow background. The music alone earned the company’s logo the name “S from Hell.”  A variation of the music can also be heard on Columbia Pictures Television’s endcap via the CPT pretzel.

Viacom — “V of Doom” (1980s): It starts with a light lavender background as a giant V zooms in conquering the entire television screen. There are three different versions  of that logo, with the same ending result. They might as well call it “Viacocalypse.” But — oh, happy day — our good friends at Viacom toned down the scariness when they changed their endcaps in the late 1980s.

Paramount — “Closet Killer” (1969):  AAUGH!!!!! N-n-n-not the “Closet Killer”! The name says it all. To quote the great Antoine Dodson, “Y’all need to hide yo’ wife, hide yo’ kids, and hide yo’ husband.” And as for the logo, well… I just shitted my pants.

DIC — Kid in Bed (1988):  *shudders* Now  that’s creepy! DIC (pronounced “DEEK”), also known as Diffusion Information Communication, was founded in 1971. In 1987, DIC used the “Kid in Bed” logo when the shooting star forms the tittle of the “I”. One stops to wonder, who is saying “DIC”?

VID-TV (Russia, 1990): If the music wasn’t scary enough, leave it to the mask to make it even scarier!