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R.I.P. Gary Coleman

While we may never know what Willis (played by Todd Bridges) was talkin’ ’bout, we couldn’t help but love Arnold on Diff’rent Strokes. Gary Coleman died earlier this afternoon. He was 42. Anyone who grew up in the ’70s or ’80s would probably remember this jingle:

Best Cities for the Next Decade

I was jonesin’ through the Internet, as usual, when I came across the Yahoo! article for the “10 Best Citites for the Next Decade.” Although West Hartford here in Connecticut wasn’t the crème de la crème (Austin, Texas took that title), it certainly is among the top 10 best cities for the new decade.

If anything boosted the economy in West Hartford, it had to be the Blue Back Square smack dab in the middle of town. Yes, the unemployment rate is still high, but this town can create new jobs even during the recession. By the way, it’s still a recession until the unemployment rate goes down.

New York Wins Super Bowl Bid

Start spreadin’ the news. New York City has won the bidding to host the Super Bowl in February 2014. Super Bowl XLVIII will be held at the Meadowlands Stadium in New Jersey where the New York Jets and Giants play. This will be the first cold-weather Super Bowl… ever. Yes, February can be cold in New York — not as cold as January, though. In fact the average temperature through the year’s shortest month is a bone-chilling 39 degrees. Brrrr.

Courtesy: Associated Press.

In the NFL spring meeting, the league’s 32 owners had to choose between New York/New Jersey, South Florida, and Tampa for the host city of Super Bowl XLVIII. But let’s be honest, why should all the warm weather residents get all the glory?

You don’t mess with them New Yorkers. However, Mother Nature might have a lot to say about that.

New York/New Jersey took a gamble. This could very well be another Freezer Bowl, which is the most gracious euphemism for a cold Super Bowl ever recorded in history, and it wasn’t even in a cold climate!  This sooooo breaks the 50-degree requirement the NFL’s held on its Super Bowl since the first Super Bowl. But we’ll just have to see when Super Bowl XLVIII airs on television February 2, 2014, a.k.a. Groundhog Day.

Guess if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere, huh?

Ann Curry gaffed by a Typo

You got to give Ann Curry some credit. After all, she IS the co-host of “The Today Show” on NBC. She keeps her composure when reporting on all the massacres from far-flung places like the Congo, Iraq, and Darfur, and she is also willing to share a laugh with the likes of Al Roker, Matt Lauer, and Meredith Vieira.

What sent shock waves through the — well, waves — was the commencement speech she gave at Wheaton College in Norton, Mass. She came to the college for its 175th commencement address seeking to take shots at alums like “60 Minutes” correspondent Leslie Stahl and evangelist Billy Graham to name a few. Unfortunately, Stahl and Graham was among the alums of ANOTHER Wheaton College in Illinois.

To those expecting a video of Ann Curry’s gaffe on camera, the school had two words for you — too bad. “We didn’t want to broadcast misinformation,” Wheaton spokesman Michael Graca told the Boston Globe, adding that Curry “gave a great speech. She went out of her way to meet with students before her speech and to get information about the college.”

Ann Curry wasn’t the first news anchor to face such a verbal misstep and she sure as hell ain’t the last.

Goodbye Weather Channel on Dish

As of Thursday night at midnight, due to the fee dispute with NBC Universal, Dish Network has officially dropped The Weather Channel from its channel lineup. Instead, Dish Network will offer a weather channel of its own called The Weather Cast.

Dish Network took this action because The Weather Channel “recently moved away from weather reporting to a mix of movies and other entertainment-focused programming.” Programming specials such as Storm Stories, Full Force Nature,  and How Weather Changed History became a mainstay of entertainment based upon weather rather than just weather reports themselves.

 If you want The Weather Channel back, call Dish Network at 1-800-823-4929.

“I have misspoken”

That was the mea culpa of the embattled Attorney General Richard Blumenthal when he distorted his involvement in military services during the Vietnam War.

News media and politicos — both Democrats AND Republicans — were all over this mess, including The Hartford Courant. Richard Blumenthal calls them “misplaced words.” But the rest of us may never know what the hell he was thinking.

Let’s let the facts speak for themselves.

Rima Fakih is Miss USA

Among the 51 beautiful ladies in the Miss USA Pageant — one representing each state, one stood out above the rest. Miss Michigan Rima Fakih became the first Arab American to win the title of Miss USA last night. The Miss USA Pageant aired on NBC, hosted by celebrity chef Curtis Stone and NBC News correspondent and former WVIT anchor Natalie Morales.

Fakih was born in Lebanon in 1986. Her family briefly moved to the United States, and she was raised in New York where she attended Catholic school.  Her family moved to a Detroit [Michigan] suburb in 2003. Her pageantry career started after she “sold car after graduating college in Michigan to help pay for her run in the Miss Michigan USA pageant.”

On September 19, 2009, she was crowned Miss Michigan.

I Need a Freakin Job!

The message was loud and clear.

It is a billboard in Buffalo, N.Y. that reads, “Dear Mr. President: I need a freakin job. Period.” But is President Obama listening?

Courtesy: CBS News.

Unemployed and frustrated, Buffalo businessman Jeff Baker founded the INAFJ Project, a grassroots American movement to help bring jobs back to Americans and help keep the nation moving again.

With the economy in the sh– er, crapper, unemployed Americans struggle to find work so they can earn money to put food on the table or to pay the bills. The good news is, per Obama, 290,000 jobs were created in April. The bad news is the country STILL faces a 9.9 percent unemployement rate.

The ‘Stache-less Dr. Phil



Dr. Phil McGraw looks a lot different right now.

Until Monday, he bore his trademark moustache for 40 years. That’s when he went on The Oprah Winfrey Show as Oprah helped him shave it off (yes, all good things must come to an end).

Now he looks like um… Terry Bradshaw.

I’m sorry, but I CANNOT take Dr. Phil seriously after he’s nixed his ‘stache. Therefore, I will never look at The Dr. Phil Show the same way again. It’s like Alex Trebek all over again. And don’t get me wrong — I LOVE Alex Trebek, but she should’ve left his moustache on.  But that’s just my 2 cents.

It’s a Gray May

Is it just me or does Mother Nature like to play tricks on us? So far in Connecticut, the beginning greeted us with temperatures well into the 80s and 90s. Then, as the month progresses, it had all gone downhill from here. Now we’re dealing with frost warnings, rainy conditions, and an uptake on heating costs. Um, this is May, and I don’t see no flowers… yet. And the flowers that did blossom are subject to withering.

In Colorado, they’re getting snow — yes, snow — with potential for freeze warnings. Like I said, this is May. We’re supposed to be wearing flip-flops, not flannel, and it is (or should I say was) snowing in Colorado. Is anybody home!? But fret not, fellow Nutmeggers — there’s light at the end of the tunnel. The weekend is looking nice with temps in the low to mid 70s.