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5 Halloween Treats Every Kid HATES

Halloween will be here before you know it. And with Halloween comes candy giving… a group of youngsters come to you doorstep and squeal “Trick or treat!” Little does the kid know, he’d get something in his goodie bag other than candy like — gasp! — an open candy or, God forbid, a razor blade. Well, here are five Halloween treats every kid HATES. Now pay attention!

Fruits, such as apples and oranges: Seriously? Fruits qualify as treats any other day of the week, but not on Halloween. This is merely a trick rather than a treat.

Anything black licorice: Blecch!! I HATED it when I was a kid — it was horrible! I might as well have been eating frickin’ root beer as far as I’m concerned. And don’t get me started with Good & Plenty. What was it plenty of, licorice?!

Toothbrushes: Again, seriously???? Face it: kids love Halloween, dentists don’t. But come on…. it’s Halloween! Not National Piss Off Your Dentist Day!! Aaaaaugh!!! And what kid DOESN’T freaking hate a toothbrush as a Halloween treat?! “I’d LOVE to get a toothbrush for Halloween,” said no kid ever.

Raisins: Garfield the Cat hated them no matter what day of the year it is. Kids hate it on Halloween. This falls under the healthy category along with fruits. Ooooh let’s give the kids dried fruit — they’re gonna consume all that sugar anyway.

Circus peanuts: They do NOT taste like peanut butter despite being shaped as a peanut. They taste like disappointment — sugar coated disappointment.  You’re better off giving Junior a bag of peanuts.