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My Thoughts on the Boston Marathon Bombing(s)

It started as a relatively mild spring day in Boston and ended with not one, but two separate explosions at the Boston Marathon finish line Monday afternoon. The bombings claimed the lives of three people including an 8-year-old boy. Approximately 15 dozen people were injured as the result of the bombings.

The question: who would do such a thing and why? The short answer: sick people — those with no respect for life at all or those who want to commit a terrorist act. The Boston Marathon bombings were no exception. Spectators, who cheered on the runners at the Boston Marathon, fled as the pressure cooker bombs were detonated and shrapnel flew towards them. A spill of blood stained the streets of Downtown Boston as you couldn’t tell whether the person injured was alive or dead.

Bill Richard, one of the  runners at the Boston Marathon, got a hug from his 8-year-old son Martin just minutes before the blast killed Martin and left his wife and 6-year-old daughter hospitalized. Martin attends a school in Dorchester where he created a hand-made sign that reads “No More Hurting People. Peace.” It is meant to symbolize the worldwide tragedy, including the most recent tragedy in Newtown.

Krystle Campbell, 29, also killed in the bombing, would have turned 30 on May 3. She and a friend, Karen Rand, stood at the finish line of the Marathon to cheer on Rand’s boyfriend, who was running.

All tragedies are unbelievable, but when it involves a child, it can make the tragedy unbearable. My hope is that we can learn from the recent tragedies and come together as a nation becasue there is no east coast or west coast. No Yankees fan or Red Sox fan. No Democrat or Republican. Who we want other countries to see us as is American.

New Look for UConn

The University of Connecticut Athletics Department unveiled its new logo under its partnership with Nike. It’s sort of an upgrade of Jonathan the Husky — and a fierce one at that. Now before you complain about the new logo, I’d like to say that I kinda like it! 😉