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Class Act?

Y’all all won’t believe this. A Mississippi junior high school posted a memo to the students vying for the school election: whites only for class president this year. Are these people shitting kidding me?

If I told you once, I told you a thousand times. THIS IS THE FREAKING TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY!

Students in a Nettleton, Mississippi school were given a memo earlier this month that allows only whites to uphold the office of class president for grades 6, 7, and 8 respectively. Haven’t we learned anything from the Brown v. the Board of Education trial?

At least they changed the policy, as you can see in the statement on the Nettleton Middle School site.

But Mississippi ain’t alone on this hot button issue. Oh, no. You go to New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Houston, Pittsburgh, or yes, Hartford and there will be at least one school with very few, if any, white students in a predominantly black and/or Latino school system.

Five Years After Katrina

As we all know, Saturday marks the fifth anniversary of the Hurricane Katrina tragedy. The Category 5 hurricane started out as a Category 1 on Sunday, August 28, 2005 at the Gulf of Mexico before making landfall the next day morning, killing over 1,800 people in the Gulf region. The city that bore the brunt of the storm was New Orleans — primarily the cause of a failed levee system.

How about a little music as you walk down (or drive down) U.S. 11 to New Orleans.

To Dunk, or Not to Dunk

Oreo Cakesters.

That is the question.

Some say that the new Oreo Cakesters were made for dunking. Others argue that dunking is for Oreo Cookies only.  Dunk? Don’t? Dunk? Don’t? Well, now that Kraft Foods Corporation — the parent company of both Oreo cookies and Oreo Cakesters snacks — launched the Dunk or Don’t campaign last summer, the debate is up for grabs. They even have a Facebook page. I hope they make dunking Cakesters the law so I can finally NOT get in trouble!

Mama Grisly War

If Sarah Palin needed to watch her back more, the liberal anti-Palin mama grizzlies’ movement fired back, saying Sarah Palin doesn’t speak for them.  True, you don’t want to mess with a mama grizzly. But these mama grizzlies scare the shit crap out of me.

Liberal mama grizzlies: 1. Sarah Palin: Nothing.

Did You Hear About Richard?

Soon all of Connecticut will. A former Circuit City in Manchester just opened as a P.C. Richard & Son store. The Newington location, also formerly Circuit City, will open later this month. P.C. Richard & Son already has stores in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

Get “Shcool”ed

This is why it is important to stay in school and get an education. A construction crew was supposed to paint the word “SCHOOL” on a road near a North Carolina school. Instead, the sign reads “SHCOOL.”

It's SCHOOL, you idiot!

This spelling faux pas was found on the intersection of Drake and Wall Roads outside Southern Guilford High School. What’s a “shah-cool”?

Foul Play Date

Most guys would try to catch a foul ball for their girlfriends, but not his summa bitch. Rather than protect his girlfriend, Sarah, from being hit from the foul ball, Bo bailed out on that ball that instantly struck her in the head. Can you say WTF?!!

Courtesy: MLB.TV.

Yes, ladies, chivalry is dead. And a bad boyfriend during the Houston Astros game killed it.

What are you, stupid? Dude obviously broke the first rule of a baseball date: don’t let your company get hit by a foul ball. I want to know what his excuse for this bullshit is … excuse my French, garçon. But listen up, dude in red with the, er, hat on backwards, shame on you! You better stop making up excuses. The “I lost it in the lights” isn’t cutting it.

I bet their next date night, if there is one, is at “Eat, Pray, Love.”