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Bruin in Beantown

I couldn’t believe I rooted for a Boston team.  That’s right — a Baaaaah-ston

Patrice Bergeron. Courtesy: AP.

team. But not just any Boston team. This primarily has to do with the Stanley Cup Finals. Granted, I don’t follow hockey much, but when the Boston Bruins had to win Game 6 to force a Game 7, there was supremacy of hockey at stake.

Team Canada beat Team USA in the Winter Olympics Hockey Finals. True, hockey is big in Canada, but don’t bet against the red, white, and blue. I wouldn’t call Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals a rematch, but it is something to make me prouder to be an American than I’ve ever been.  Our neighbors to the north? Not so much. Angry Canuck fans went awry when the team lost, causing a riot and leaving the city of Vancouver in shambles. Talk about a sore loser!