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Flyin’ Now Even Less Fun

You thought the security at the airport couldn’t get any tighter.

It all started when that nutjob tried to blow up American Airlines Flight 63 with a bomb in his shoe. Now we’ll all have to remove our shoes at the airport. Honestly, like a woman is gonna blow up a pair of shoes! Then liquids in large containers were no longer allowed. Say goodbye to the 14 oz bottle of shampoo because now you’ve got to buy a teensy, tiny, little bottle of shampoo for 10 times the price. How extreme!

But the nation’s airlines’ security was tested again when a passenger with Al Qaeda ties suspiciously snuck into American Airlines Flight 253 in Detroit with a bomb in his underwear Christmas morning.

Now, you can’t even go to the bathroom an hour before landing. And don’t even think about using your laptop, even if you don’t have one. And pillows…forget them. So from now on, we’re having to put up with overpriced trial-size toiletries, sit down during a flight from the time the plane takes off to the time it lands, and have an uncomfortable flight altogether. I think TSA stands for “Torturing Scared Americans.”

Seriously, how can any liquid be made into a bomb!? Are the TSA agents assuming that we’re all chemists and, therefore, could possibly commit a terrorist attack?