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What we’re now learning from this pre-season winter storm — mind you, it wasn’t even November yet — we should have learned from Tropical Storm Irene. And by we,  I mean the good folks at Connecticut Light and Power. While they were aware of the trees that are too close to power lines, they didn’t do crap about that situation.

The towns that didn’t take the brunt of Tropical Storm Irene were felled by Winter Storm Alfred. The cause? Trees. Shitloads of trees in our great state. The freak winter storm occurred one weekend ago, on the heels of Halloween. While the leaves were still on the trees, and we’d have a somewhat mild autumn season and too much moisture and precipitation, the storm came crashing in like an uninvited guest we kicked out, telling him to go away. What we need to realize is we’ve pissed off Mother Nature one too many times, and at some point, we’re going to have to face the consequences.

If you can remember back in late August/early September after Irene, you will understand why trees are the problem with the power lines. One sudden impact with the trees can knock out power for hundreds of thousands. If it wasn’t the heavy rains that damage the trees, it was the wind gusts of over 50 miles per hour. That being said, New London was more likely to receive wind damage and Colebrook was more likely to experience heavy downpours.

CL&P President Jeff Butler promised to put 99 percent of its customers back online by tonight at midnight, but like the rest of us in Connecticut, Gov. Dannel Malloy seemed skeptical. With about 100,000 customers still without power and, in some cases, without heat, CL&P is going to have to work extra fast to reach that 99-percent target, and Gov. Malloy will be pushing him to ensure that that happens. So the rule of thumb is, if you still are without power as of 10 a.m. today, hang in there because help is on the way.