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Street Signs A-Changin’

Is it just me or does the government seem to get in the way of how we print street signs? It happened in New York (recently, I might add). Could it also happen here?

The New York City Council changed the lettering of every street sign from ALL CAPS to a combination of Upper-and-lower case… ’cause the feds don’t like the font. Boo-hoo! That pissed off many a New Yorker. This means the “ALBANY AVE.” sign in Hartford will become “Albany Ave.”

But changing the lettering ain’t what got New Yorkers outraged. What really irked them is the cost — a $27.5 million project that what could have been used to offset the city’s budget deficit. I’m no economist nor should I ever try to be, but it’s a STUPID IDEA.  Wanna know what got the federal government’s idea to change the lettering of the street signs?

P.S. Don’t think for one minute your town won’t be affected.