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New Haven Ranked #3 Unfriendliest City


New Haven is the 3rd unfriendliest city in America.

How rude! I wasn’t surprised when New Haven (just 30 miles from here) was ranked the third unfriendliest city in America. And it’s not just the crime. Sometimes getting through Downtown New Haven is a pain in the ass. And crossing the street? Forget it.

Although New Haven is a rough city, Newark, N.J. and Oakland, Calif. have it beat — they top the list for the unfriendliest cities in America. New Jersey seems to be getting a bad rep, even without The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Coincidence? The ranking was done by Conde Nast Traveler, a travel magazine that has been polling the readers on friendliness among tourists for 15 years.

The friendliest city in America — no surprise there — is Charleston, S.C. where its southern hospitality and warm, friendly atmosphere earned that city the top spot. Also on the list are four more southern cities, including Asheville, N.C. and Austin.