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Witchin’ Good Time

Leave it to the folks at Saturday Night Live to poke fun at Delaware Tea Party candidate Christine O’Donnell for making her “I’m not a witch” campaign message. Is it just me, or does this remind you of Bewitched ? Either way, Sarah Palin had better watch out!

You Betty Believe It!

Like Midas, all that Betty White touches turns to gold. Last Saturday, she hosted Saturday Night Live to prove a point, and that point is this: even at age 88, she’s still got it. And don’t tell me you didn’t watch a single episode of The Golden Girls.

Whether or not you’ve heard of her, Betty White was the subject of a Facebook petition. She then replied that Facebook “sounds like a huge waste of time”. Long story short, the fans of Betty White got their wish. And we all have this guy to thank.

100th Post….and Pickin’ on Palin

This is my 100th post on Life with the DareDevyl (Huzzah!!!). I must be doing something right, eh? And the Dow Jones rose to over 11,000 for the first time since September 2008. But back to the post….here’s to 100 more.

Tina Fey returned to Saturday Night Live last Saturday as a recent host. Many of us often had her confused with ex-Alaska governor Sarah Palin, and, every so often, Ms. Fey puts her own spin on the half-term governor in the recent SNL skit. Abraham Lincoln must be rolling over in his grave when this came on…just sayin’.