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Class Act?

Y’all all won’t believe this. A Mississippi junior high school posted a memo to the students vying for the school election: whites only for class president this year. Are these people shitting kidding me?

If I told you once, I told you a thousand times. THIS IS THE FREAKING TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY!

Students in a Nettleton, Mississippi school were given a memo earlier this month that allows only whites to uphold the office of class president for grades 6, 7, and 8 respectively. Haven’t we learned anything from the Brown v. the Board of Education trial?

At least they changed the policy, as you can see in the statement on the Nettleton Middle School site.

But Mississippi ain’t alone on this hot button issue. Oh, no. You go to New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Houston,¬†Pittsburgh, or yes, Hartford and there will be at least one school with very few, if any, white students in a predominantly black and/or Latino school system.