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Santa on a Pepsi Ad???

You not going to believe who Pepsi stole from the Coca-Cola family.

It’s Santa. Yes, the bearded icon that’s been with Coca-Cola for many decades has made his way into a recent Pepsi ad.  Call it what you will, but the cola wars, which started with the Pepsi Challenge in the late 1970s, will not die. And if Pepsi hadn’t stooped low enough, they stole the polar bears from Coke, too (see video below).

Well, if Summer time is Pepsi time, as this ad claims, then the rest of the year belongs to Coke, right?

Pepsi Throwbacks are Back!!

It’s baaaaack! The Pepsi Throwback bottle made it into stores earlier this month, just like the Pepsi Company (or PepsiCo) did last year. And if I’m not mistaken, the Mountain Dew soda also has a throwback version. If you want to get your hands on these babies, you’ll have to run to your store ASAP — because once they’re gone, THEY’RE GONE.

Limited time only. Also available in Mountain Dew.

Made with REAL sugar. As opposed to what?!