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“Imagine” Cain Style

Before you judge too quickly, that IS Herman Cain, one of eight Republican candidates for the 2012 Presidential Election trying to unseat President Barack Obama. He pulled a John Lennon with his own variation of “Imagine” using pizza. Mind you, he is the president of Godfather’s Pizza in Georgia. Take a listen.

BTW I’d like mine with extra cheese… if you please.

How “Obama” Was Killed???

How do you make this mistake. A reporter of the Canadian Global News called uses “Obama” rather than “Osama” three times on air. Though “Obama” and “Osama” are spelled similarly, it’s easy to confuse one with the other.

Osama Captured & Killed

Osama bin Laden, the evil mastermind responsible for the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks that killed some  3,000 Americans, was killed by U.S. forces in Pakistan early Monday morning. He was believed to be hiding in a cave.

Bin Laden Also had ties to the U.S.S. Cole Bombing in 2000 and the first World Trade Center Bombing in 1993 along with the building’s 2001 attack.

Though it was an arduous task that took nearly a decade, the U.S. military were able to capture bin Laden before shooting him in the head. One of bin Laden’s sons, whom officials did not identify, was among those also killed in the raid.

There is a Connecticut connection to the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.  If you regularly commute to New York, or know a loved one whom you lost in the second World Trade Center incident, you can definitely relate to thiS breaking news story.  The score was tied 1-1 during the ninth inning of lqast night’s Major League Baaseball game between the New York Mets and the Philadelphia Phillies when the news of bin Laden’s death broke. Fans started chnting “U.S.A.! U.S.A.! U.S.A.!” as the numbers 9-1-1 appered on the scoreboard.

Despite the news that bin Laden is killed, that does not mean the war on terror is over. “We must, and we will, remain vigilant at home and abroad,” Pres. Barack Obama said in his press conference last night. Retaliations on bin Laden’s slaying could still occur.

Trump for President!?

I wish I were making this stuff up, but billionaire Donald Trump is considering running for President of the United States of America to oust current President Barack Obama. He will be the republican candidate vying for the nomination bid, and that means going against the self-proclaimed Mama Grizzly herself, Sarah Palin, aka the Thrilla from Wasilla.

But before he can do that, who does he need to fire? Here is Bill Maher’s take on Donald Trump running for President. (Video Courtesy of CNN)

I Need a Freakin Job!

The message was loud and clear.

It is a billboard in Buffalo, N.Y. that reads, “Dear Mr. President: I need a freakin job. Period.” But is President Obama listening?

Courtesy: CBS News.

Unemployed and frustrated, Buffalo businessman Jeff Baker founded the INAFJ Project, a grassroots American movement to help bring jobs back to Americans and help keep the nation moving again.

With the economy in the sh– er, crapper, unemployed Americans struggle to find work so they can earn money to put food on the table or to pay the bills. The good news is, per Obama, 290,000 jobs were created in April. The bad news is the country STILL faces a 9.9 percent unemployement rate.

Eggin’ on Obama at White House Dinner

Too bad I fell asleep before the White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner was over last night. President Barack Obama and Jay Leno both exchanged jabs while also poking fun at rival and Arizona senator John McCain for claiming he was not  identified as a “maverick”.

Although the immigration reform in Arizona should be taken serious, you really have to laugh when Obama quipped that “we know what happens in Arizona when you don’t have an ID. … Adios amigos.” Yes, a law is about to be passed in Arizona, allowing police to track down suspecting persons trying to sneak into this country through Arizona by, get this, their shoes! WTF, ‘Zona?! What’s next, they gonna pan down on Linda Chavez’s feet, even if she’s wearing flip-flops?

Fed Up Florida Doc

First of all, I hope all y’all had a nice Easter. Temperatures flirted with 80 over the weekend, but you’d better bring your chocolate indoors before it melts.

The picture below is raising quite a few eyebrows — and angering those seeking treatment in Florida. Guess everyone’s entitled to their own opinion. But when it comes to refusing patient service, that’s going too far. Take a look:

Courtesy: news.yahoo.com.