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White Out

Snow-mageddon. Snow-pocalypse. Snow-tastrophe. Call it what you want, but it is BRUTAL!!! The state got walloped with more than 12 inches of snow where some parts of the state received up to three feet. Naugatuck, a verrrry hilly town, bore the brunt of the storm, topping the 30-inch mark.

But we at Connecticut weren’t the only ones dealing with the snowy snarl. In Atlanta, the ice kept many travelers stranded at a Greyhound terminal. The slogan for Greyhound during the blizzard would be: Go Greyhound… unless the road looks like a freaking skating rink. We have to watch the temperatures for next week carefully. In 1977, the snow was so heavy on top of the Civic Center — now XL Center — that the roof collapsed when temperatures rose. The days leading up to Christmas in 2007 were greeted with the falling of ice on Central Row in downtown Hartford closing businesses on that street and rerouting CT Transit services around the accident.

As for today, I will consider myself snowed in. Don’t go out unless you really have to.


“Connecticut” Voted Off Island

Courtesy: Discover New England.

I was breezin’ through the Saturday pages of The Hartford Courant only to be shocked by the fact that Connecticut is no longer part of New England.  In fact, if you log on to the “Discover New England” website, you’ll find Connecticut wiped off the map — literally. So much for being the Constitution State.

Spending austerity hits home when your government (and mine) faces a $13+ trillion deficit. But the Connecticut’s state fiscal deficit is so high, it’s had to eliminated the budget for tourism marketing. To make matters worse, the state failed to pay the 100,000 in annual dues for this fiscal year, and as a result, had its privileges as a “New England” state revoked. It’s only a matter of time before Connecticut becomes the little state that could…but didn’t.