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Skittles Orchards Review


Yestarday, I bought a pack of Skittles Orchards, which have been on the market since late last year. At that time the Skittles Darkside variety was on its way out and I’ve yet to try them. Oh well. But them Orchards definitely caught my eye, and yes, Skittles has outdone itself. The five flavors of Skittles Orchards are Orange, Red Apple, Cherry, Peach, and Lime (so THAT’S where they put the Lime Skittles!).

I am going to review the five flavors one by one and give a rating for each of them.

Orange: Because Orange, that’s why. A verrrrrrrrrry familiar flavor in the Original variety. Fresh squeezed. 8.4

Cherry: The cherry flavor is subtle but still pronounced. It’s not like,  “I’m the f***in’ Cherry Skittle!” but still just as tasty. 7.6

Red Apple: Out of the two apple-flavored Skittles, I like the Red Apple ones better. Although you still get the apple-y tang you’d expect from any apple-flavored candy, it’s more of a gentler apple flavor. Suck it, Green Apple! Lol. 7.8

Peach: The peach flavor is slightly….. off. Considering I’ve never been a big peach-flavored candy fan. 6.9

Lime: Poor, poor Lime. First they take him out of the Original mix in favor of nasty ass Green Apple. Then they put him in the now-discontinued Skittles Darkside as “Midnight Lime”. Now he’s in the Skittles Orchards variety. I’d rather they put Lime back into the Originals, put Watermelon in the Orchards as the green Skittle, and get rid of Green Apple altogether. But that’s none of my business. 9.7

Overall score:  8.1 (B-)


Why the “Original” Skittles Were Better


Original Skittles Pack

It has been more than two years since Skittles replaced Lime with Green Apple as the designated flavor for the green skittle, ultimately ruining the Original Skittles pack.

Until February 2013, Lime was the green skittle for a long time, except for a brief replacement in 2001. I stopped eating the Original Skittles in late 2012 because there were several other varieties to choose from, including Dessert Skittles (I have never tried the Darkside Skittles yet, so please don’t ask me how they taste). Amazing, dessert in a Skittle? Who’d have thunk it! The news that broke everyone’s hearts was that lime had been replaced with green apple.

Don’t get me wrong. Green Apple is a great flavor on its own, but it does not play well with the other 4 flavors (i.e. Strawberry, Orange, Lemon, and Grape). The creator of Candyblog wrote an entry about how Lime was an agreeable flavor in the Skittles bunch. “Strawberry & Lime was a daiquiri. Lemon & Lime was a soda. Grape & Lime was a great fruit punch. Orange & Lime was a citrus cooler,” she says. Yes, Lime was a mild flavor.

But Green Apple overpowers the other flavors. Grape and Green Apple don’t work. Orange and Green Apple is, eh, fine. Lemon and Green Apple is deemed passable, but as Apple has screwed up, Lemon is trying to make up for it. Strawberry and Green Apple? Well, let’s just say after the latest incident between those two, Strawberry has not spoken to Apple since.

The reaction on Facebook about Green Apple replacing Line as the designated green Skittle has been, for the most part, negative. I’m not even gonna try to read the comments — that’s how much they hated the change. It is akin to messing with an original. So far I’ve yet to find one positive remark about the flavor change.

Even though the “Original” Skittles as we know it are no more as of February 2013, there are still a few varieties to choose from. My favorite variety so far would have to be the Wildberry mix.

I still need to try the Darkside variety. 😉