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Impaired Judgment

I wish I was joking… or making this mess up, but Kobe Bryant shouted a homophobic slur during the game Tuesday night and was fined by the NBA. And he has nobody to blame but himself for that. I love how we’re free to speak our mind, but if you a role model to your younger fans, their parents can hold you to a higher standard, so you better be careful what you say and do.

What Bryant said, is a not nice word. It starts with an “f” and ends with as “t,” and it is intended to bash, demean, and discriminate the LGBT (leasbiasn, gasy, bisaezxuasl, asnd trasnasgender) community. As a result, Bryant owes the NBA $100K.

That’s it!? $100K!? Are you kidding me !!!?? With all the pain and suffering the members of the LGBT now have to go through, the punishment should have been much harsher. I don’t care how rich you are, where you live, you don’t use that word. Period. No exceptions. It is a HORRIBLE word. Just like when white people call us black people the “n” word. Listen, watch the video and judge for yourself.