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New Buses are Coming to Hartford!

Connecticut is pleased to put the new 60-foot buses onto its cities’ streets. The Hartford division of CT Transit will unveil Connecticut’s first high-capacity articulated transit buses set to arrive this fall. The model is called the LFS Artic from Nova Bus, the same company whose buses Connecticut leased some 15 years ago.

But before the buses can hit Hartford streets, CT Transit has to make some changes with the bus stops in Downtown Hartford. The changes include, but are not limited to, the discontinuation of bus stop for Route 30 (Bradley Flyer) at Travelers and the bust stop for Route 69 (Capitol Avenue) in front of Bushnell Towers. More information about the bus stop changes around Downtown Hartford can be seen on www.cttransit.com.

Route Change in Hartford

Starting tomorrow, March 7, 2010, the 42 route line from the CT Transit Hartford Division is being split into two different routes, the 40 and the 42. The reason for this action is to help its customers better identify the route(s) they need, and more quickly get to their destination.

40–North Main Street: The 40 (formerly 42N) route will serve the entire length of Main Street in Hartford, past the Hartford-Windsor line, then continue to the Wilson Park & Ride just off Windsor Avenue in Windsor. This route will also serve the Dept. of Social Services on 3580 Main Street and the Board of Education Services for the Blind at the corner of Meadow Road and Windsor Avenue. Furthermore, the DSS and the BESB will also be served by any trip on the 32, 34, 36, and 92 except the 36X.

42–Barbour Street: The 42 route dropped the “B” from its name. It will serve Main Street up to Capen Street before turning left at that intersection. Then it will continue to Barbour Street, Cleveland Avenue, and Tower Avenue. It will also serve Unity Plaza on Barbour Street and Barbour School on Tower Avenue, both in Hartford.

An updated schedule and map are posted on CTTRANSIT’s website.

Lindt Leaves Meriden

Meriden, Conn. area chocoholics will have to go elsewhere to satisfy their sweet tooth. As of today, the Lindt Chocolate store inside the Westfield Shoppingtown Meriden is closed. I don’t know why they closed today but AFAIK, the Lindt sign was taken down and the store was as good as bare. This turns out to be more bitter than sweet. But I wonder……are all Lindt stores closing their doors forever?

Also, starting Monday, March 8, you can board the bus from Hartford to Central CT State University. CT Transit is extending trips on the 69–Capitol Avenue route from its current terminus at Veterans’ Hospital in Newington all the way to serve Central CT State University in New Britain, while making easy connections with New Britain Transportation’s O–Oak Street and S–Stanley Street routes. These trips will run Monday through Saturday. If only the New Britain buses started running on Sundays…