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Now THAT’S Foul Play

Below is a video of the foul ball during the Yanks/Rangers game featuring the crying kid.

Here’s my advice to the crying kid’s dad: Just fucking give the kid the goddamn foul ball and stop fucking around, you dick. What kind of father are you?

Reminds you all, like me, of Tammy Pescatelli’s “What the Hell is Wrong With You?” skit, don’t it?


Foul Play Date

Most guys would try to catch a foul ball for their girlfriends, but not his summa bitch. Rather than protect his girlfriend, Sarah, from being hit from the foul ball, Bo bailed out on that ball that instantly struck her in the head. Can you say WTF?!!

Courtesy: MLB.TV.

Yes, ladies, chivalry is dead. And a bad boyfriend during the Houston Astros game killed it.

What are you, stupid? Dude obviously broke the first rule of a baseball date: don’t let your company get hit by a foul ball. I want to know what his excuse for this bullshit is … excuse my French, garçon. But listen up, dude in red with the, er, hat on backwards, shame on you! You better stop making up excuses. The “I lost it in the lights” isn’t cutting it.

I bet their next date night, if there is one, is at “Eat, Pray, Love.”