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New Haven Ranked #3 Unfriendliest City


New Haven is the 3rd unfriendliest city in America.

How rude! I wasn’t surprised when New Haven (just 30 miles from here) was ranked the third unfriendliest city in America. And it’s not just the crime. Sometimes getting through Downtown New Haven is a pain in the ass. And crossing the street? Forget it.

Although New Haven is a rough city, Newark, N.J. and Oakland, Calif. have it beat — they top the list for the unfriendliest cities in America. New Jersey seems to be getting a bad rep, even without The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Coincidence? The ranking was done by Conde Nast Traveler, a travel magazine that has been polling the readers on friendliness among tourists for 15 years.

The friendliest city in America — no surprise there — is Charleston, S.C. where its southern hospitality and warm, friendly atmosphere earned that city the top spot. Also on the list are four more southern cities, including Asheville, N.C. and Austin.


How Rude!

Bostonians don’t do hugs and Seattleites are cold. But there is one city that took the title as America’s Rudest City… and it ain’t New York City.

The winner — I mean loser — is Los Angeles. But New York did make the list, landing on the number 2 spot, followed by Philadelphia at number 3. Other cities to make the list are Boston, Baltimore, Washington,  D.C., Dallas, and Miami to name a few. On the flip side, Charleston, South Carolina is named the Most Polite City in America.

Funny, I always though New Yorkers were rude. L.A. can count me out as a tourist. But what about Hartford — we’ve got some rude f**kers people out here, too.