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The I-405 freeway in Southern California officially shut down temporarily Friday night.

Here’s  a reason not to visit the Los Angeles area (or California, for that matter) this weekend.

One of the busiest freeways in the country, I-405 through the Los Angeles area, was shut down due to a widening project, thus creating the well-hyped “Carmageddon.”  The project may include the demolition of the Mullholland Bridge. Residents have been told to stay home or seek public transportation, and if they must drive, seek alternate routes.

But why did they pick this weekend to close that section of I-405? They could have picked, as Jay Leno joked in his monologue, “Thanksgiving and Christmas so our relatives can’t get to us.”

There will be no shortage of “Ha-ha! I survived Carmageddon, bitches!” T-shirts come Monday morning.


A Tale of Two Californias

Whaaaaaaaat?????? No one saw this one coming. California is destined to the splitting of the state to make South California the 51st state.

No joke. There are two Virginias, two Carolinas, and two Dakotas. And now, two Californias. It is all thanks to Bill Maze, a termed-out Assembly member turned rebel, who wants to separate the liberals on the coast from the conservatives inland.

AFAIK, that’s an a-Maze-ingly dumb idea, but I live in Connecticut, NOT California.

Jersey Shored

I can’t believe this shit. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie lashed out on a heckler during Meg Whitman’s gubernatorial campaign in California. That heckler turned out to be Ed Buck, who shouted at her only to be laid the smackdown on his… well, that’s a whole ‘nother office. Anyway, take a look at the video and you fuckers guys’ll know what I mean:

Seriously, dude, grow the hell up. You are the governor of New Jersey. This is California. Shouldn’t you be smart enough to know better than to insult the intelligence — or lack thereof — of you supporters? I sure as hell hope so.

No Gay Marriage Ban in Calif.

A federal judge just overturned a California ban on same-sex marriage. Proposition 8, which prohibits members of the same sex from exchanging vows, is deemed unconstitutional. Same-sex couples are now free to marry in the state of California at any time of their choosing.

I think the article on MSNBC’s website speaks for itself.