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This is UCONN Country


My friends, this is UConn Country
Our boys did what they had to do
The haters are now eating humble pie
They wish they made it there too.

Many spectators bet against us
They even judged us and counted us out
But with drive and determination
We got the job done, no doubt

Last night, several stars were born
I welcome you to Olliewood
Where anything is possible
And the frickin’ eating is oh, so good

No obstacle can still us
We won’t be thrown for a loop
On April 5 we turned Florida into yummy Gator soup

The earlier teams were no match
For Giffey, Daniels, or Shabazz
We had the home court advantage
We were smooth like cool jazz

I know it stinks in here
It’s the smell of victory by Brimah
Post him at the shot clock
And he can quickly beat the timer

All doubts have been silenced
Hopes have filled the skies
UConn winning the NCAA Championship
Won’t come as NO surprise

Now the work still continues
A duel against Kentucky
To take the championship title
Wouldn’t THAT make us lucky!

GO UCONN!!!!!! SICK ‘EM!!!!!!!!