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Worth Fall-ing For

Ahhh... Fall

Apple cider. Fairs. Pumpkins and their pies. That nip in the air. All those could mean only one thing: it’s Fall.

It is difficult to appreciate the fall season as winter and summer get all the attention. In stores, the Ben & Jerry’s Pumpkin Cheesecake are well in stock. Dunkin’ Donuts wants you to fall for the fall favorites like the hot or iced apple cider and their pumpkin variety such as pumpkin latte.  And since it’s October, they’re selling pumpkin…  whatevers like hotcakes. They’ll even sell those through Thanksgiving.

But the one question that’s been burning in my mind: Why do they call it Oktoberfest if it happens in September?


Fallin’ For Fall

The memories of summer slowly fade away as peals of brown, orange, and red fill the air. Dunkin’ Donuts started selling hand-held apple pie as well as the pumpkin muffin. The scents of cinnamon and french vanilla are taking over. Yep, fall is here.

It's apple picking time!

Apple picking, hay rides at the county fair, the World Series underway, freshed baked pumpkin pie (or sweet potato pie if you’re in the South), and that crisp, autumnal chill are just a few reminders of fall. Those and football. Enjoy it while it lasts, because, the *shudders* Christmas stuff is hitting stores soon. Seriously… why can’t we go through Halloween without having to listen to “Jingle Bells” blasting out of a 250,000 megahertz subwoofer?