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Five Years After Katrina

As we all know, Saturday marks the fifth anniversary of the Hurricane Katrina tragedy. The Category 5 hurricane started out as a Category 1 on Sunday, August 28, 2005 at the Gulf of Mexico before making landfall the next day morning, killing over 1,800 people in the Gulf region. The city that bore the brunt of the storm was New Orleans — primarily the cause of a failed levee system.

How about a little music as you walk down (or drive down) U.S. 11 to New Orleans.


The People vs. BP

The oil spill that occured on April 20 paralyzed, if not destroyed, marinelife in the Gulf of Mexico, putting a huge dent on the seafood industry. And that includes shrimp. To this day, no one took responsibility for the mess. I, for one, am pissed off.

Many attempts to cut off the flow of oil into the Gulf have failed. Worse, the full containment of this oil gush won’t take full effect until August.  The Los Angeles Times reported the discontinuation of the top-kill attempt. Call it what you will, but according to White House energy adviser Carol Browner, it is now “probably the biggest environmental disaster we have ever faced in this country.” Now that “top kill” had failed, what’s next?

President Obama needs to step in and do a better job than BP. The rate we’re destroying our precious wetlands, creatures that we take for granted are being killed due to our stupid mistakes. Remember the Boy Scouts oath of leaving the land better than you’ve found it? Well, the Gulf of Mexico is now a shithole, and we’ve only got ourselves to blame… and probably BP, of course.

The time has come to find a whole new energy source. We’ve got to stop relying on oil every time. We are fighting an unneeded war only to frickin’ lose in the long run. Forget about Iran, Iraq, Pakistan. There are tons of other sources of energy in our own country.  Take the Connecticut Resources Recovery Authority, or CRRA , for example. They’re taking trash and turning it into electricity. I’m gonna repeat that. They’re taking trash… and turning the stuff… that we often throw away… into a form of energy. It’s quite obvious. Let’s stop just talking about capping the BP oil spill and start doing it.

Speak English, or No Driver’s License

That’s the message Alabama gubernatorial candidate Tim James is sending to everyone coming into his state from another country, much less Mexico. “This is Alabama, we speak English,” says James in his campaign ad, “If you want to live here, learn it.” This is controversial, as it offends persons coming to the U.S. illegally or through a visa.

Um…. I’m sorry, what about the Arizona immigration law? Maybe I need to stop watching Carlos Mencia so much… but should states like Alabama make speaking English a requirement to operate a vehicle? You be the judge.