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It’s Just a Cup

The dreaded red cup. Yes, that cup.

Starbucks Cup for Holiday 2015.

Starbucks Cup for Holiday 2015.

It has sparked controversy for the wrong reasons. In fact, it has blown up my social feed for the past 48 hours. Reason? Starbucks has decided to drop the “Merry Christmas” tagline from all of their red cups.

Their goal is to attract — rather than alienate — their fan base, particularly during the Holidays. I said Holidays — Christmas ain’t the only holiday people celebrate in December. Don’t forget the fact there’s also Hanukkah, Festivus, Kwanzaa, Boxing Day and Eid just to name a few.  As a Christian, it pains me to say that the people crying War on Christmas have gone too far.

Here’s the deal…. it’s just a dang cup, Jack. Stop getting so worked up about it. Or kvetching, as a few Jewish friends would call it. We get it. You want to put the “Christ” back into “Christmas.” But you’re not going to get there by complaining about a red cup. I bet the red cup had no more to do with Christmas than chestnuts roasting on an open fire. (Just saying)

Solution: suck it up and embrace the difference among society as a whole. Maybe then, and only then, people will take Christmas as seriously as you do. Love. One. Another. Now is that so hard?

Skittles Orchards Review


Yestarday, I bought a pack of Skittles Orchards, which have been on the market since late last year. At that time the Skittles Darkside variety was on its way out and I’ve yet to try them. Oh well. But them Orchards definitely caught my eye, and yes, Skittles has outdone itself. The five flavors of Skittles Orchards are Orange, Red Apple, Cherry, Peach, and Lime (so THAT’S where they put the Lime Skittles!).

I am going to review the five flavors one by one and give a rating for each of them.

Orange: Because Orange, that’s why. A verrrrrrrrrry familiar flavor in the Original variety. Fresh squeezed. 8.4

Cherry: The cherry flavor is subtle but still pronounced. It’s not like,  “I’m the f***in’ Cherry Skittle!” but still just as tasty. 7.6

Red Apple: Out of the two apple-flavored Skittles, I like the Red Apple ones better. Although you still get the apple-y tang you’d expect from any apple-flavored candy, it’s more of a gentler apple flavor. Suck it, Green Apple! Lol. 7.8

Peach: The peach flavor is slightly….. off. Considering I’ve never been a big peach-flavored candy fan. 6.9

Lime: Poor, poor Lime. First they take him out of the Original mix in favor of nasty ass Green Apple. Then they put him in the now-discontinued Skittles Darkside as “Midnight Lime”. Now he’s in the Skittles Orchards variety. I’d rather they put Lime back into the Originals, put Watermelon in the Orchards as the green Skittle, and get rid of Green Apple altogether. But that’s none of my business. 9.7

Overall score:  8.1 (B-)

Why the “Original” Skittles Were Better


Original Skittles Pack

It has been more than two years since Skittles replaced Lime with Green Apple as the designated flavor for the green skittle, ultimately ruining the Original Skittles pack.

Until February 2013, Lime was the green skittle for a long time, except for a brief replacement in 2001. I stopped eating the Original Skittles in late 2012 because there were several other varieties to choose from, including Dessert Skittles (I have never tried the Darkside Skittles yet, so please don’t ask me how they taste). Amazing, dessert in a Skittle? Who’d have thunk it! The news that broke everyone’s hearts was that lime had been replaced with green apple.

Don’t get me wrong. Green Apple is a great flavor on its own, but it does not play well with the other 4 flavors (i.e. Strawberry, Orange, Lemon, and Grape). The creator of Candyblog wrote an entry about how Lime was an agreeable flavor in the Skittles bunch. “Strawberry & Lime was a daiquiri. Lemon & Lime was a soda. Grape & Lime was a great fruit punch. Orange & Lime was a citrus cooler,” she says. Yes, Lime was a mild flavor.

But Green Apple overpowers the other flavors. Grape and Green Apple don’t work. Orange and Green Apple is, eh, fine. Lemon and Green Apple is deemed passable, but as Apple has screwed up, Lemon is trying to make up for it. Strawberry and Green Apple? Well, let’s just say after the latest incident between those two, Strawberry has not spoken to Apple since.

The reaction on Facebook about Green Apple replacing Line as the designated green Skittle has been, for the most part, negative. I’m not even gonna try to read the comments — that’s how much they hated the change. It is akin to messing with an original. So far I’ve yet to find one positive remark about the flavor change.

Even though the “Original” Skittles as we know it are no more as of February 2013, there are still a few varieties to choose from. My favorite variety so far would have to be the Wildberry mix.

I still need to try the Darkside variety. 😉

Ben & Jerry’s Core Series

Just when you think Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream can’t get any better…. it does. Behold the 4 NEW Cores! The four flavors are Hazed & Confused, Peanut Butter Fudge, Salted Caramel, and That’s My Jam.


I personally had the Peanut Butter Fudge Core. I love chocolate. I love peanut butter. But when the Peanut Butter Fudge Core was calling my name, I had to listen. Its fudgey core beckons, and you are hit with an intense wallop of peanut butter cups enveloped by chocolate and peanut butter ice creams. I can go on and on but you’ll have to take one of these babies home and try it for yourself. Deff can’t wait to try the others!

Twinkie the Kid (1930 – 2012)

This is a made-up eulogy of the Hostess Twinkie. Enjoy, bitches!!!

ImageThe Hostess Twinkie, 82 – Born in 1930 to James Alexander Dewar of the Continental Baking Company, who also goes by Twinkie the Kid, has departed his life on Friday, November 16, 2012 in an undisclosed U.S. territory due to complications of union greed.

Known to put a smile to every crying kid in America, Twinkie the Kid wrangled the evil bakery burglars with his lasso. Twinkie was also known to survive the apocalypse and suppress the “munchies” for those who smoke pot.

Twinkie the Kid leaves to mourn: his competitors Little Debbie, Tasty Kake, Drake’s Coffee Cake, and the Entenmann children.

Santa on a Pepsi Ad???

You not going to believe who Pepsi stole from the Coca-Cola family.

It’s Santa. Yes, the bearded icon that’s been with Coca-Cola for many decades has made his way into a recent Pepsi ad.  Call it what you will, but the cola wars, which started with the Pepsi Challenge in the late 1970s, will not die. And if Pepsi hadn’t stooped low enough, they stole the polar bears from Coke, too (see video below).

Well, if Summer time is Pepsi time, as this ad claims, then the rest of the year belongs to Coke, right?

Star-Spangled Dinner

Keeping America fat — one state at a time.

Denny’s introduced the Tour of America menu later last month and no state is overlooked — or under-eaten. The menu includes the Hawaiian Tropical Pancakes, the Midwestern Meat and Potatoes Sandwich, and the Philly Cheesesteak Omeletes. Now you KNOW America is getting fatter by the second.

That is one cross-country family reunion I’d never forget.

Well, my Aunt Virginia is coming in from California with her famous New York Cheesecake to the table. My cousins Carolina and Dakota will bring their Chicago-Style Pizza the size of Texas. Miami Mickey started eying the Philly Chessesteak sandwiches between Southern barbecued chicken and  the Boston baked beans.

Breakfast Blues

Don’t want to brag but… I just had a Blueberry Waffle Breakfast Sandwich from Dunkin’ Donuts. I don’t know who came up with the idea of combining blueberry waffles, maple-flavored sausage, scrambled eggs, and American cheese and putting it into a sandwich — but he (or she) is a genius.

The good news is it goes great with Dunkin’ Donuts coffee. But here’s the bad news: it’s a limited-time offer.

“Wyng” It!

Remember, kids: it's W-Y-N-G-Z.

Just in time for Super Bowl XLV, DiGiorno — owned by Nestlé — introduced the greatest edible accompaniments ever to come with pizza called “wyngz.”

That’s W-Y-N-G-Z, not W-I-N-G-S.

They contain no wing meat. But under USDA federal regulations, the wyngz must be made of 100 percent chicken meat. Or should I say chyzykn, as per Stephen Colbert? Here’s the rub about them wyngz: no misspellings of this word are allowed! Ever!

What makes the wyngz convenient is it eliminates the need to worry about wing bones. They ARE made of chicken, right?

The McRib is McBack!

While I was jonesin’ through a Thursday episode of “The Colbert Report,” I realized that ribs really are like a baby. They, to quote Stephen Colbert, “need to baste for nine months.”

Or nine hours for that matter.

On that note, McDonald’s is bringing back the McRib, but… it’ll be here for a limited time. If you can’t stop drooling after you hear McRib, listen to this: it swims in a pool of barbecue sauce-y goodness. And most importantly, no bones! Ahhh, the sweet taste of Americana.