Vermont’s Broken Road

Vermont is one of the states hardest hit by Hurricane Irene two weeks ago. The major artery of Vermont, Route 4, received serious damage, crippling traffic for Vermonters who use that road.

When I watched “The Rachel Maddow Show” last night — yeah, I know… shocker — it got me thinking about how many roads, let alone bridges,  across the country either in need of repair or replacement. This includes Route 4 in Vermont within the town of Mendon, especially after Hurricane/Tropical Storm Irene. “You know, you say problem, and Vermonters say challenge,” Maddow says. But if you can’t find another road to detour, what do you do? Vermonters turn to hiking through the woods.

Vermonters, who do have the option to drive but can’t drive or walk, can still get to Route 4 by following a long detour, sending them south via Route 103 to I-91. That’s and extra 80 miles!


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