Going “Souht”

Yes, there is yet another misspelling on a highway chyron sign that I must share with you. This time, it happens to be in Ohio in which the sign spells South S-O-U-H-T. Aaugh!! Haven’t we learned our lesson in say, North Carolina (or was it “Souht” Carolina)? I know I need to stop smoking the reefer, but this is ridiculous! [no picture available at this time]

Well, at least they spelled “Cincinnati” right, right? Spelling that freakin’ city’s name is a pain in the ass.

2 responses to “Going “Souht”

  1. You would think the road crew putting this up would catch it..go figure. And a couple of months ago Ohio had one with south spelled wrong.

    • I know, right? But this wasn’t the first time they made a spelling error on a highway sign in Ohio. The one in the town of Strongsville had one with the word “North” spelled “N-O-R-H-T.”

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