Highway McRobbery

Are you effing kidding me!??! McDonald’s wants to start charging African-Americans an additional $1.50 per transaction. I don’t know what city this is from, but I am outraged. Is this particular McDonald’s assuming that ONLY African-Americans, such as myself, rob McDonald’s restaurants? Last time I checked, this was 2011, NOT the 1950s/early ’60s.

4 responses to “Highway McRobbery

  1. Oh well, they won’t target African-Americans unless they’re not outright sure those strings of robberies are related to their race profile. Race here is a big deal so if Mcdonalds did this they’re 101% sure they’re legally on the right track.

  2. Are you serious? You really believed it was true when you saw it? Do you believe abswolutely everything you read? Please explain yourself.

    • That was my first reaction, too. I wish it weren’t true so I wouldn’t ever have to spend an extra $1.50 at McDonald’s.

  3. looks very real to me. that is definately not a fake but the question is did a mcdonalds worker just do it as a joke for a photo.

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