No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

What is going on in this world!?

Punished over a pink whistle?! A PINK WHISTLE!??!

It took them long enough, but the gang of 143 football referees from the Pacific Northwest Football Officials Association were finally disciplined for — get this — wearing pink whistles, and thus the majority of playoff games over the next two years will be held by the Washington Officials Association.

Why they would be punished is beyond me as they were supporting a good cause. By wearing pink charity whistles, they support the fight against breast cancer. A group of high school football even donated their paychecks to the Susan B. Komen Foundation.

But whatever the football referees at a suburban Seattle high school were selling, the WOA wasn’t buying.  Unfortunately, Todd Stordahl acted like  a whiny little — who always seemed to want his way. He told KING 5 News that this practice “sends the wrong message to kids that are playing the game. ‘If they broke the rules why can’t I do the same?'” What the hell… ? Last time I checked, his was AMERICA!


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