Free Speech or Hate Speech?

The Supreme Court voted 8 to 1 in affirming the Westboro Baptist Church’s right to protest against homosexuality in military funerals last Thursday. But where do we draw the line when it comes to free speech? What have we learned from Don’t Ask Don’t Tell — a policy that prohibits homosexual or bisexual soldiers from serving openly in the military?

Westboro, a Topeka, Kans. based “church”, is known for spewing

Westboro Baptist Church protesters.

controversial signs held by their protesters. Signs such as “God Hates Fags,” “You’re Going to Hell,” and the like are just a few that raise more questions than they answer when discussing the freedom of speech. They’re supposed to be a “church”, yet they spread hate rhetoric like peanut butter on toast.

Does God hate anyone? No! While I cannot argue with the Supreme Court’s decision to green light Westboro on protesting against homosexuality, I think the free speech should stop when it hurts someone.


One response to “Free Speech or Hate Speech?

  1. The best solution is the simplest one: when Fred Phelps dies, picket his funeral. 🙂

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