Daughter v. Daddy

You can call Jan Schill a lot of things, but Daddy’s Girl ain’t one of them. Just ask Johnny Mantooth.

Courtesy: Associated Press.

Schill, 31, a Colorado photographer and disgruntled daughter, created a website donotvoteformydad.com in an effort to put the kibosh on her father’s campaign for District 21 judge in Oklahoma. “What the hell was she thinking?,” you may ask. Schill will not let go of the heartbreak that was instilled upon her since 1981 when her father filed for divorce.

Jan Schill lives in Colorado. Her father, John Mantooth, is an Oklahoma candidate. The ad reads, “he is NOT a good father, NOT a good grandfather … he would NOT be a good judge!” That’s her flesh and blood. I don’t care how mad she is, she has no right to take it out on her dad. You know Johnny Mantooth will call out her daughter and be like, “You’re outta the will!!!”

Sounds like a bratty, childish, naughty girl who needs a tall glass of shut the hell up and a few spankings, but I digress. And another thing, she has no right to tell me who or who not to vote. It needs to be my choice, and my choice alone.


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