King James Feelin’ the Heat

The suspense is over!

LeBron James is headed south to Miami to play for the Heat. That’s got to piss off his home town folk. I mean, he was BORN in the Cleveland area. Besides Cleveland, other cities vied for King James. This includes Miami, New York City, Chicago, and Los Angeles.

Like I said, LeBron was born in Ohio. This is where he was raised. “I never wanted to leave Cleveland, ” he said, “My heart will always be around that area. But I also felt like this is the greatest challenge for me, is to move on.” Remember Please Stay, LeBron ? In the latest attempt to keep LeBron, Cleveland Cavaliers fans posted a YouTube video pleading for him to stay in town (see video below).

But not even the hometown charm from Cleveland was enough to keep him.

Perhaps Cleveland will be singing a different tune. “King” will join the likes of his Olympic teammates Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh — the Miami thrice! — in the Miami Heat.


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