Hmmm…. Something Smells Funny

These are real fragrances — you heard me, real — that have some questionable scents and are sold on the market. Try not to get sick. 😉


Burger King Whopper:
Pleased to meat you! *laughs* Inside joke… but seriously, this scent bears the essence of flamed broiled meat. You are what you eat, or in this case, wear.

Are you effing kidding me?! Play-Doh has a fragrance!?! Maybe I need to stop smoking that reefer, but this is ridiculous! Sure, if you want to smell like sandbox and snacktime, that’s your business.

Strange… I had no idea earthworms had a smell.

Sashimi-grade tuna and seaweed, sweeeeeeet. Just steer clear of the shark! Anyhoo, sushi is classy, yet awkward. Looks like your California roll just rolled back to California!


Frozen Pond:
Pond scum? POND SCUM!?!?!? You know what’s worse than pond scum? When it’s a pond scum in the wintertime. Nothing like the smell of algae and lichens to liven the mood on a crisp January morn.


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