Schools Today and Their Crazy Bans…

While I’m on the subject of “S**t You Can’t Make Up,” schools across the country are putting the kibosh on, of all things, Silly Bandz. No, seriously, your child can no longer bring Silly Bandz to school. The latest craze in kids’ fashion has become a total distraction to the teachers and instructors. The schools already banned dodgeball because it forces the strong to target the weak (I learned that from Greg Girald0). Some banned hugging and hi-fiving. Even in the school system in Danvers, Massachusetts students are prohibited from saying the word “meep.” Are you effing kidding me? “Meep,” of all words in the Engl– well, computer world language, is offensive?! Not for nothing, but you stuffed shirts need to stop cowering under your desks. Grow a friggin’ brain, stupid!

And now the schools are trying to ban Father’s Day. That’s right, your kid can not make Dad a Father’s Day card. It is offensive to kids with single moms. What’s this world coming to? I’m glad I don’t have to go to grade/high school no more, but pity on the poor little saps who are gonna have to deal with the draconian conduct that has befallen upon them.

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