Spring Forward…

With spring around the corner, there’s one thing we all must do twice a year — tomorrow, and again in early November. And that’s setting our clocks forward one hour before bedtime. They call that the Daylight Savings Time system. I just call it a way for farmers to get screwed.

Why do we even need to be reminded to set our clocks forward or back one hour before bedtime? Or change the battery in our smoke detectors? Are we that stupid? Are we that reluctant to believe that if we don’t change our clocks during Daylight Savings time, we will be late for whatever life throws at us? Come on, people!!

And just when you thought winter has let up, the threat for freezing temperatures impact your outdoor activites. April is notorious for extreme weather. It’s either too hot or too cold with nothing in between. Last year, the mercury made it all the way into the 90s in late April. On the other hand, there’s the April Fools’ Day winter storm that dumped up to a foot of snow in the state in 1997. True, it’s not nice to fool Mother Nature, but Mother Nature always fools us, and you don’t see anyone getting on their high horse about it.


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