Relief for Big Feet


Ladies, if you wish to consider sulking and grumbling about how much you hate your big feet, don’t. You really CAN wear cute shoes — even with big feet. You just have to keep looking.

Fact: Four out of ten women buy shoes knowing they don’t fit. Two in ten men do the same.

Here’s something I found quite interesting: a recent article from The Hartford Courant stated that, “shoes have only gotten longer and wider.” A study from the National Shoe Retail Association (NSRA) stated the increases of the best-selling shoe sizes for men and women over the past 30 years respectively.

Theories for the ever-spreading footprint abound. Some say the sturdy shoes our mothers put us in at an early age fostered growth. Others say it’s all the pizza that teens chow down, blaming hormone-laced cheese.
–Barbara Mahany, Tribune Newspapers

But whatever the reason, the human foot is GROWING. Like I said, it is hard to find the right shoe if someone’s got big feet. So ladies, stop whining. You’ve got to be thankful for what God gave you, even if it’s big feet.

At, their motto is “because style doesn’t stop at 10.” You cannot find a shoe that does not offer a size 11 or higher. There’s also, “for women who leave a bigger footprint” — their range of shoe sizes go up to 15 wide. As for the big-footed boys, there’s, where they sell men’s shoe sizes 14 to 22. 

If all else fails, there’s always Payless. 🙂


3 responses to “Relief for Big Feet

  1. I saw this same article in the Baltimore Sun. There is one more site listed that has women’s size 12 to 16 – I’m loving the ballet flats and platforms!

  2. Shoe shopping may just be the a single kind of shopping where the web does not supply by far the most convenience. The clear purpose is that shoes has to be tried on as well as if your size is consistent, it could alter in unique brands, and each style of shoe is a bit different. There may be as much as an complete size difference in designs that have high heels or pointed toes. Shoes will need to fit nicely, not just for comfort and appearance but in addition for foot and joint well being. ‘

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