Sunday Liquor Sales in Connecticut???

Soon, you may no longer have to drive across the state line to get your booze on Sunday, that is, if Connecticut legislators get their way.

Connecticut is one of only three — yes, three — states in the union that still prohibits sales of wine, beer, and hard liquor in supermarkets and package stores on Sundays. My first thought about this is, “they still don’t allow liquor sales on Sundays?” Wake up, Connecticut! Either get with the times or get left behind!

The state is now felled with a $500 million budget shortfall. The state legislature is outweighing the pros and cons about including liquor sales on Sundays. Last year alone, alcohol beverages were sold on Saturday, July 4, as the so-called Blue Laws would not allow Sunday sales in Connecticut.

I do NOT want to get in the debate of the “day of rest” theory. Is it Sunday? Saturday? Police chiefs told the legislature in a letter that adding Sunday liquor sales is a bad idea because alcohol often leads to domestic violence and drunken driving accidents. (See Hartford Courant)

“To my knowledge, we haven’t had any other police chief organizations come out against Sunday sales in other states, or even MADD for that matter.”
–Ben Jenkins, Chairman of the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States

But who are we to tell the police chiefs what to do? I just do not condone driving over the legal blood alcohol level limit. Bottom line: If you must drink, you shouldn’t drive.


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