No $250 Check for the Elderly, Veterans

As if the veterans and senior citizens hadn’t suffered enough, the Senate dealt them a devastating blow when rejecting a measure to give 57 million recipients of Supplemental Social Income (SSI) a check of $250. 

Remember last year when Barack Obama signed a bill for the $862 billion stimulus plan? The payments would have been part of a $108 billion job-creating package pending in the Senate. But seniors, veterans, and the disabled will get nothing. Zip. Zero. Goose egg. Sometimes you just can’t count on the government.

Blame Republican Senator Judd Gregg for the rejection of the proposal. “The law says it shouldn’t be given,” Gregg said

Whaaaaat???? Are you effing serious? The veterans and the elderly have sacrificed so much for this country, and people with disabilities have faced many a hardship only to come up with what — getting pooped on, if I may? You don’t turn your back on those people. They deserve better.


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