Say Goodbye to Shaw’s in Conn.

It’s the end of supermarket competition in Connecticut as we know it.

Shaw'sShaw’s Supermarkets is checking out from Connecticut and selling all of the state’s 18 remaining stores to a small array of buyers. SuperValu, the owner of Shaw’s Supermarkets, will sell 11 of the Connecticut stores to ShopRite and Price Rite and 5 stores to Stop & Shop. The New Haven and Manchester stores still need new owners. The sale is expected to be finalized by this spring.

I can tell you that if anybody buys the Shaw’s store in Manchester, the new owner can neither be ShopRite nor Stop & Shop, in which the town already has both of those. Who do you think should move into the former Shaw’s in Manchester? A&P? Price Chopper? Aldi?

At this point, you have to wonder: how can a grocery chain like Shaw’s excel in other New England states, yet do so poorly in Connecticut? What’s wrong with Connecticut? Remember the olden days (or just a few years ago) when Shaw’s had 26 stores in Connecticut? Last year alone, the latest locations to close were Bristol and Shelton. It’s like Adams, or A&P all over again.

Click here to view the map of the 16 out of 18 remaining Shaw’s locations in Connecticut, and their new owners.


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