Who Owns “Who Dat”?

Attention Saints fans! You must stop using "Who Dat" or the NFL will find you.

You can call the NFL the “No Fun League.”  Stores in the New Orleans area and South Mississippi are spewing out “Who Dat” t-shirts like hotcakes. But the National Football League (NFL) decided to be the party pooper and told the shops to stop printing and/or selling those shirts with “Who Dat” due to copyright reasons. Yes, the NFL claims they own that catch phrase.

I want to know who dat got the rights to use it? Another New Orleans-area company also says they own “Who Dat.”  Even rapper JT Money’s song is titled “Who Dat.” There are, perhaps, those who conclude it simply can never be owned. Take Robert Lauricella — a 50-year-old oil field sales representative — for example.

“How can they put a trademark on something that’s been around for 150 years? Just because the Saints have made the Super Bowl, why does everybody have to make a buck?”

Louisiana senator David Vitter wrote a letter to the NFL, calling that position “obnoxious” and “legally unsubstainable,” and insisted that they drop it. What’s next, the NFL is gonna own the colors gold and black? No thank you, the New Orleans Saints can count me out as a fan. This is a stupid action teh NFL has taken and “Who Dat” ought to be fair game.


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