Domino’s Gets a Facelift

“Worst excuse for a pizza I’ve ever had.”

Domino's Pizza

"There comes a time when you know you gotta make a change."

“Domino’s pizza crust, to me, is like cardboard.”

“Totally void of flavor.”

“The sauce tastes like ketchup.”

The customers spoke, Domino’s listened. The embattled pizza company broke down and changed its image to better suit customer demands after 50 years of poor pizza with ketchup-tasting sauce and processed cheese. And no, the ads weren’t produced by rival Pizza Hut.

Domino’s employees get their share of heart-wrenching critcism from a focus group who describes how awful Domino’s pizza is. Instead of using negative comments to get the company down, company president Patrick Doyle chose to use those comments to excite it. “There comes a time when you know you’ve got to make a change,” he adds. That’s why Domino’s is giving itself a bake-over. You heard me right — bake-over! The sauce is bolder and spicier, the cheese is made of pure mozzarella, and the pizza bears a golden crisp crust like a pizza should look like.

The company promises a full refund to customers who do not like their newly configured pizza.


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