Frozen O.J., Anyone?

No question about it — it is COLD. The arctic express landed on the eastern two-thirds of the country earlier this week. It’s nothing new here in Connecticut, but in Florida farmers are suffering as they tried to salvage millions of dollars of crops. Although South is not used to the unusually cold temperatures, the cold snap is expected to last through the weekend.

Grocers across America — even community grocers — will be hit hardest by the scarcity of the citrus and vegetable crops imported from Florida. This includes oranges, grapefruit, tomatoes, bell peppers, and sugarcane. You know the higher costs will be passed on to us consumers. Read the latest Business Week article for more information about the Florida cold snap.


2 responses to “Frozen O.J., Anyone?

  1. My wife and I are headed for Florida in two weeks. It better be warm down there. We’re not litigious types, but we might sue Sunshine State chamber of commerce folks. That said, we’re optimistic. The glass with the little umbrella sticking out of it will be half full, not half empty. That’s our take.

    Good luck with your blog. If Gerry has it on his roll, it’s worth taking a look at on a regular basis.

  2. Well, youre in luck. The cold snap will back off starting Wednesday depending on which part of Florida you and your wife will be visiting.

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