Cash for Clunkers?!

Cash for Clunkers? More like Cash for Flunkers.

Since the government-approved Cash for Clunkers program took flight last Monday, millions of car dealerships across America gave away money like hotcakes. Two days later, the government is broke. What…the….. !

Apparently, the program to rid the road of these gas-guzzling behemoths and offer the tax credit of $4,500 toward the purchase of a fuel-efficient vehicle had gotten so popular, the federal government surreptitously ran out of money. But this does not mean the program is over. Only vehicles that meet the requirements are eligible for the Cash for Clunkers $4,500 tax credit.  That’s right, John Q. Lawmaker; you can bail out the greedy CEOs on Wall Street, but what about us…the hardworking Average Joes on Main Street? We need a bailout, too!

One response to “Cash for Clunkers?!

  1. Alas, the Cash for Clunkers program will end Monday at 8pm.

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